Rock Health Funding and Consumer Adoption Reports

Rock Health Funding Reports

Rock Health publishes quarterly, midyear, and year-end funding reports which analyze trends in healthcare investment activity. These reports cover traditional funding metrics such as deal size and funding activity while providing specific insights from Rock Health’s network of investors and digital health experts. Rock Health’s Funding Reports are their most widely read and cited publications.

Q3 2021 digital health funding: To $20B and beyond!

Published: October 4, 2021

We closed out 2020 announcing that it was the first year digital health passed $10B in total funding, finishing at $14.6B. Not to be outdone, 2021 has already surpassed the $20B mark with three months left in the year. Between Q1-Q3, 2021’s total funding amounted to $21.3B across 541 deals, with an average deal size of $39.4M.

In this digital health funding recap, we analyze how 2021’s funding swell is changing market expectations and empowering investors to “venture” outside of historical funding patterns, with more dollars going toward women-led companies, women+ digital health, and health equity solutions. In light of Q3, we’ll also take a critical look at how entrepreneurs and investors can contextualize today’s opportunities and understand consolidation moves that are reshaping the sector.

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Rock Health Digital Health Consumer Adoption Reports

Through years of research, Rock Health identified the consumer space in digital health as one of the most challenging categories for investors. In 2015, Rock Health launched a landmark consumer adoption survey to help provide investors and stakeholders with greater insights into this challenging area. The survey has continued on an annual basis with findings generally published in the summer.  

Digital Health Consumer Adoption Report 2020

Rock Health and the Stanford Center for Digital Health are excited to release findings from the sixth annual Consumer Adoption Survey. Amidst a national pandemic and the ensuing stay-at-home orders, consumer adoption rates grew significantly from 2019 to 2020—10+ percentage point increases—across live video telemedicine, wearable ownership, and digital health metric tracking. The 2020 survey data suggest that consumers more than ever expect technology to be an integral part of their healthcare experience.

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