Accenture Digital Health Consumer Surveys and Tech Vision Reports

Accenture Digital Health Consumer Surveys

The Accenture Digital Health Consumers Survey is a series of annual health technology surveys tracking the perspectives of consumers, with a particular focus on the shifting needs and desires of consumers and how they align with the trends that are redefining services provided by healthcare systems. The online survey includes a representative sampling of global consumers spread across a range of ages, income levels, races/ethnicities, education levels, and types of employment.

Accenture 2020 Digital Health Consumer Survey

For the first time in our multi-year, multi-country research program, we’ve seen no uptick in digital health management activity by US consumers—in fact, it dropped in certain areas. While actual users see benefits in these services, growing mistrust in the technology industry, security concerns and a cumbersome first digital experience may have turned some people off or kept them away.

In brief:

  • The Accenture 2020 Digital Health Consumer Survey reveals that the rapid rise of digital health shows signs of stalling.
  • Despite the current decline in digital adoption, people are interested in virtual services—these numbers may rise as digital-savvy generations age.
  • Security and privacy concerns have grown, especially toward technology companies entering the health market.
  • Providers play a key role in future digital adoption as they can embrace digital health services and encourage consumers to use them.

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Accenture Digital Health Tech Vision Reports

Accenture’s Digital Health Tech Vision Report is an annual publication from Accenture Health and Accenture Research. These reports comprise results from global online surveys, internal research, and interviews with experts. Included in each report is a retrospective look at findings from previous technology trends reports.

Digital Health Tech Vision 2021

As every year, the Digital Health Technology Vision report is based not only on Accenture´s views, but also on health industry leaders’ views on the impact of technology in our world. This year, Accenture surveyed 399 healthcare executives across six countries to learn from their perspectives. Accenture is grateful for the opportunity to blend the respondents’ views with their recommendations. Amid the challenges of 2020, two truths became evident: More healthcare organizations have come to terms with the notion that every business is a digital business. This year also accelerated exponential transformation as technology continuously reshapes industries and the human experience. Now, as we begin reimagining our post-pandemic reality, the healthcare industry must learn to master change and recognize that there is no leadership without technology leadership.

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