Sandbox Projects

Sandbox Projects

Learn more about the projects approved through the Digital Health Sandbox Grant Program below. For each project, all funding goes directly to the Sandbox to cover the cost of supporting the project. 

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Current Projects

Keva Health with TechSpring @ Baystate Health ($50,000)

Keva Health is developing a SaaS platform to remotely monitor patients with chronic respiratory illnesses. Through two rounds of funding, Keva Health was awarded $50,000 to cover TechSpring’s fees to complete the discovery, planning, and execution of a pilot of Keva’s platform with asthma patients at Baystate Health. Keva has completed the discovery and planning phases, including defining a participant onboarding process and physician office workflow for the pilot, developing marketing collateral and onboarding materials to use during the pilot, and completing compliance and information security reviews with Baystate Health. The pilot will start in Spring 2021 and will recruit asthma patients to use the Keva Health platform in between their regularly scheduled visits. Through the pilot, Keva Health will track patient and physician engagement with their platform and assess the value to both patients and providers in using their remote patient monitoring tool. TechSpring will oversee the project, tracking the progress and milestones, helping address any challenges, and providing feedback to Keva on the pilot experience. Keva Health will provide a matching investment of $6,250 in spirometer devices to use during the pilot. The project is expected to finish in August 2021.

Dynocardia with PracticePoint at WPI ($43,750)

Dynocardia was awarded $43,750 to cover a one-year Startup Membership at PracticePoint at WPI. Dynocardia is developing the first stand alone, continuous, and non-invasive blood pressure monitor. Through their membership, Dynocardia is using PracticePoint’s testing and machine-shop facilities and working with their expert faculty and staff. They will be testing and optimizing the design of their prototype, developing a motion capture system, and performing systems integration and testing. Dynocardia contributed an additional $6,250 in matching funding to pay for their one-year membership. The project is anticipated to finish in October 2021. 

Leuko Labs with MIT IMES ($60,000)

Leuko Labs was awarded $60,000 to work with MIT IMES to perform usability testing on their PointCheck device. Leuko is developing the world’s first portable, non-invasive white blood cell monitoring device to screen for severe neutropenia. The grant is covering the fees for MIT IMES’ CRC Clinical Research Team and staff to work with Leuko to test that their PointCheck device can be safely and effectively operated by untrained operators. This work will prepare Leuko for a clinical trial and FDA certification. MIT IMES staff is providing a replicated home and clinical setting, assistance with subject recruitment, oversight and assistance with research visits, in house analysis of blood samples, and secure electronic research data capture and transmission. The project is anticipated to wrap up in November 2021. 

caresyntax with UMass Medical School ($37,500)

Caresyntax was awarded $37,500 to work with UMass Medical School to test and validate the ability for new surgical data to improve safety during surgery. Caresyntax’s point of care automation hardware, Prime 365, enables hospitals to capture data and video recording. Caresyntax is working with UMass Medical School to structure and analyze the data generated from Prime365 to design, implement, and assess clinical simulations. The company will also work with UMass Medical School to develop immersive, virtual learning opportunities for students. The grant is covering the costs for staff from the UMass Medical School Surgical Department and the interprofessional Center for Experiential Learning and Simulation (iCELS) to support the data integration, collection, and analysis. Caresyntax is providing $112,500 in matching investment for this project, including the installation of their system in two operating rooms within iCELS. The project is expected to finish in April 2022. 

Completed Projects


Nutrimedy with TechSpring @ Baystate Health ($70,000)

Through two phases of funding, Nutrimedy was awarded $70,000 to cover TechSpring’s fees to plan and execute a pilot of Nutrimedy’s patient-facing nutritional support platform. Nutrimedy’s mission is to improve health and reduce the epidemic burden of chronic disease by improving access to convenient, expert, personalized, and affordable nutritional counseling. The first phase of funding covered the fees for Nutrimedy to work with TechSpring’s Innovation Managers to complete the discovery and planning phases of their pilot, including recruiting clinicians, designing the pilot workflow, and completing compliance, information security, and IRB reviews. In the second phase of the project, Nutrimedy worked with TechSpring and Baystate Health to pilot their platform with oncology patients pre and post-surgery. They gathered user feedback from patients and clinicians and assessed the effectiveness of the platform in increasing patients’ access to clinical nutrition care and in reaching their pre-surgical nutritional goals. Nutrimedy completed their project in January 2021. 

Read an Interview with Mallory Franklin, Chief Clinical Officer of Nutrimedy


Stability Health with PracticePoint at WPI ($25,000)

Stability Health was awarded a $25,000 grant to cover a one-year Silver Membership at PracticePoint at WPI. Stability Health is a complex chronic care management company focused on improving diabetes care. Through their membership, Stability Health partnered with WPI faculty and students to test and further develop their mobile application, MyStablePath (MSP). The project focused on evaluation of user interface design, form, and function, as well as investigation into additional technology-enabled monitoring tools. Stability worked with WPI faculty and students to determine appropriate user personas for MSP, recruit personas for interviews and surveys, and analyze the data to determine future MSP design specifications. Stability completed their project in October 2020. 

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BlocHealth with TechSpring @ Baystate Health ($25,000)

BlocHealth is building a healthcare professional credential sharing network leveraging a public blockchain and smart application technology. In 2019, they were awarded $25,000 to work with TechSpring to evaluate and improve their platform. The funding enabled BlocHealth to work with TechSpring’s Innovation Strategists to gain access to Baystate Health stakeholders and to hold facilitated observations, interviews, and workshops with Baystate employees. Through this collaboration, BlocHealth was able to understand the current workflow for initial and ongoing credentialing and privileging at Baystate. They used this information and feedback to validate their use case, understand the requirements to integrate their product within complex health systems, and guide future enhancements of their product. BlocHealth completed their project in June 2020.