The Digital Health Sandbox Program

The Digital Health Sandbox Program

Massachusetts is home to a variety of cutting-edge research and development facilities, or ‘sandboxes.’ These organizations provide a wide range of services supporting the lifecycle of validation and testing for digital health companies. On April 24, 2019, Governor Charlie Baker announced a new grant program administered by the Massachusetts eHealth Institute at the MassTech Collaborative and designed to both support digital health companies in their product development and expand the user base for sandbox environments.

Massachusetts organizations that help digital health companies validate new products and services can apply to join the Sandbox Network under the Digital Health Sandbox Program. Approved sandboxes will be highlighted on the program page and are eligible to receive grant funding to support projects working with Massachusetts digital health companies.

Many small digital health companies would benefit from the services offered at these sandboxes, but the cost of entry is often prohibitive. Massachusetts companies can partner with sandboxes in the network to apply for grant funding to test their products and services. There are nine sandboxes approved under the program, providing a variety of testing and validation environments. The program is administered by the Massachusetts eHealth Institute and advised by an Independent Steering Committee.

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Join the Sandbox Network

Massachusetts organizations that provide an environment to test and validate digital health products or services can apply to join the Massachusetts Digital Health Sandbox Network. Approved sandboxes are eligible to receive grant funding to support projects that validate the products and services offered by digital health companies with a presence in Massachusetts.


Apply to a Sandbox

The Digital Health Sandbox Program currently has nine sandboxes in the network. Companies interested in partnering with a sandbox can learn more about the sandboxes and how to apply to work with them on the Sandbox Network page. Massachusetts companies seeking financial assistance to access the services at one of the nine sandboxes are encouraged to apply for the Digital Health Sandbox Grant Program. The program provides grants up to $50,000 to subsidize the fees to work with the sandbox. The first step in applying for a grant is to contact a sandbox to determine if they can support your company. Grant applications will be accepted on a rolling basis; however, the next round of applications will be reviewed at the next Independent Steering Committee meeting in July 2021.


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Independent Steering Committee

Member Organization
Adam Landman - Chair Brigham and Women's Hospital
Patricia Forts Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Nick Dougherty AllWays Health Partners
Peter Sherlock Consultant
Ed Park Devoted Health
Nell Luo FoliaHealth
David Sontag MIT