The digital health sector is a dynamic and rapidly evolving industry at both the state and national levels. To build or fund the right products and successful businesses, it is essential to understand and recognize emerging trends in the industry.

This page lists published reports from organizations that analyze developments and trends in the digital health sector. Under each organization you will find the most recent report and year end reports for the previous three years (when available). 

Please note that some organizations listed below require a subscription to access their reports.

StartUp Health Insights™

StartUp Health is a global investment organization committed to solving the world’s biggest health challenges. Since 2011, StartUp Health has invested in over 325 organization through their Health Moonshot Funds. StartUp Health has produced a quarterly Digital Health funding and insights report since 2013.

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Rock Health Funding and Consumer Adoption Reports

Rock Health is the first venture fund dedicated to digital health. Their position at the forefront of digital health provides them with the data and expertise to regularly publish research on the trends shaping the future of healthcare. Their two most regularly published trends reports are the Rock Health Funding Report, released quarterly, and the Rock Health Digital Health Consumer Adoption Report, released annually.

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Accenture Digital Health Consumer Surveys and Tech Vision Reports

Accenture Health is a division of the global professional services organization, focused on helping clients deliver more effective, efficient, and affordable healthcare with Insight Driven Health. Drawing on their broad experience in healthcare consulting and digital transformation, Accenture Health publishes annual trends reports on consumer adoption of digital health and emerging technology trends in healthcare.

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HPC Annual Health Care Cost Trends Report

Established in 2012, the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission (HPC), is the state agency responsible for both monitoring healthcare spending in the Commonwealth and providing policy recommendations to improve care and lower costs for all residents.  HPC’s annual cost trends report provides a retrospective analysis of yearly trends in healthcare spending and delivery within Massachusetts. 


Consumer Health and Technology – ChaT Trends

Circle Square Inc. is focused on helping their clients improve the world's healthcare through innovative use of information and communications technologies. They work with healthcare, life sciences and technology companies to track market trends, develop winning strategies, products and business models, and find partners to work collaboratively on a shared future vision of better-quality care at lower costs.  They offer two paid reports: Digital Health Trends, released monthly, and Leaders & Disrupters, released quarterly. Digital Health Trends covers emerging trends and storylines in digital health, while Leaders & Disrupters analyzes the digital health market with a focus on innovative leaders and disrupters.  Circle Square also offers a free monthly report featuring highlights from the two paid reports.

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Healthcare Innovation: Bi-monthly publication

Healthcare Innovation (previously Healthcare Informatics) is the newly formed property from Endeavor Business Media, LLC, a pioneer in healthcare IT media dating back to 1980. Healthcare Innovation produces a bi-monthly print and digital magazine, daily newsletters, and routine web updates on industry stories. 

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