Digital Health Market Phases

Digital Health Market Places Graphic- Depicting 4 phases: Discovery, Development, Deployment, Distribution


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Agreement Templates - Templates designed by MACP to make it easier for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and the private sector to do business with Massachusetts' world-class academic institutions by standardizing the starting point for negotiations with universities across institutions

Healthcare Policy - Articles and reports on policy recommendations, legislative briefs, and funding announcements

Funding - Directory of venture capital firms in Massachusetts that invest in digital health companies

Trends - Reports from organizations analyzing developments and trends in the digital health sector

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Click here for resources to help companies in the Discovery stage



Early-stage digital health startup with an idea and a team, but still need to build a viable product or revenue stream.



Click here for resources for companies in the Development stage



Startup with an idea, and likely with funding, but not yet with a viable product or activated business model.



Click here for resources for companies in the Deployment stage



Startup with a minimum viable product, ready to engage with customers through strategic partnerships, further demonstrations, or an early customer experience. Active, vetted business model, annual revenue of $0-3 million.



Click here for resources for companies in the Distribution stage


Scaling start-up with staff, revenue, and a stress-tested product. Typically $3-$5 Million in annual revenue, and multiple professional references.

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