MeHI, Lever Announce Finalists for COVID-19 Innovations for Healthcare Providers Challenge

Tuesday, March 29, 2022
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WESTBOROUGH, MASS. - The Massachusetts eHealth Institute at MassTech (MeHI) and Lever are pleased to announce the eight finalists for the COVID-19 Innovations for Healthcare Providers Challenge. This is the second of two challenges in the Massachusetts Digital Health COVID-19 Innovation Challenge Program and is designed to find innovative digital health solutions that can help providers treat and monitor their patients remotely, address racial and economic health inequities, and support healthcare workers in recovering from increased stress, anxiety, and burnout brought on by the pandemic. The program is sponsored by MeHI and supported by funding from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration and the SPRINT Challenge Grant program.
The finalists will participate in a three-month accelerator program run by Lever, Inc., with a curriculum of lean startup workshops and expert mentoring to help participants develop their solution, business plan, and go-to-market strategy. Each finalist will also be matched with a member of the Massachusetts Digital Health Sandbox Network, a group of cutting-edge research and development organizations supporting digital health companies. Participants will work with their Sandbox partners to scope detailed, six-month testing and validation projects.
Finalists will pitch their product and Sandbox project at a final event in June 2022, where judges will select one winner to receive $100,000 in “tuition” to complete their proposed Sandbox project and three runners-up to receive $50,000 in “tuition”.
About the Finalists
Ø  ASP.MD, Cambridge, Massachusetts: An electronic health record vendor serving primary care and specialty clinics, ASP.MD is building a new line of human-centered user interfaces focusing specifically on providers who care for disadvantaged populations.
Ø  BurnCam Medical, Allston, Massachusetts: BurnCam Medical uses human experts and artificial intelligence to provide early, virtual access to burn care via a smartphone-based telemedicine platform, empowering providers with the data they need to determine the best treatment path..
Ø  EmPowerYu, Santa Clara, California: EmPowerYu is developing a Smart Home-style system to quantify daily life metrics for chronic care patients Their system of passive, commercial sensors and proprietary software tracks behavioral changes in sleeping, eating, and activity to identify early or unusual signs of illness.
Ø  HealthJay, Palo Alto, California: HealthJay is an inclusive telehealth system created to address disparities in healthcare, combining medical and social aspects of telehealth with a simple user interface designed to be easy for anyone to use.
Ø  One Therapeutics, Boston, Massachusetts: One Therapeutics has developed a digital therapeutic for insomnia, helping patients fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.  Their program is based on cognitive behavioral therapy and developed in collaboration with sleep specialists and counselors with clinical experience in CBT-I.
Ø  Outcome Referrals, Framingham, Massachusetts: Outcome Referrals has perfected a therapist referral process that capitalizes on 30+ years of research. Their process can more than double behavioral health outcomes and significantly reduce harm, solving quality and access problems that often leave people without timely mental health treatment.
Ø  Rocket Wellness, Wakefield, Massachusetts: Rocket Wellness is a digital health company developing evidence-based virtual reality therapies that enhance the quality of life of patients, their families, and their caregivers. Their healthcare provider burnout product engages providers in immersive mindfulness-based stress reduction therapies and biofeedback-based breath-work to reduce episodes of stress and anxiety and develop resiliency.
Ø  The Doctor Lounge, Beverly, Massachusetts: The Doctor Lounge is a verified, physician-only online platform that provides peer support, community, and data-driven wellness resources. Through private user discussions and larger online presentations, the platform seeks to address physician burnout using proven ways to alleviate work-related stress.
About the Massachusetts eHealth Institute at MassTech
The Massachusetts eHealth Institute at the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, is the Commonwealth’s entity for healthcare innovation, technology, and competitiveness, and partners with industry, government, and healthcare organizations to support the Massachusetts Digital Health Initiative on behalf of Governor Charlie Baker. MeHI also helps all the Commonwealth’s providers harness the benefits of electronic health records and the Mass HIway, the statewide health information exchange. For more information, please visit and follow @MassEHealth. Learn more about the Massachusetts Digital Health Initiative at      
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