Aging and Caregiving in Digital Health

MeHI’s Digital Health Programs focus generally on growing the market for digital health companies and using technology to solve health challenges. We know that technology can play a key role in addressing the challenges related to aging and caregiving and designed our programs to have a specific focus on building connections between digital health companies with technologies and solutions that support aging and caregiving and the buyers and users of technology for caregivers, agencies, and others in senior care.

Goal: Encourage innovation and development of technology to improve the quality of life of older adults by sustaining health, maximize independence, increasing opportunities for social engagement and connectivity, and reducing the impact of any cognitive and physical limitations.

Massachusetts Digital Health Initiative

The Massachusetts Digital Health Initiative, or Mass Digital Health, is a comprehensive public-private partnership working to establish Massachusetts as a leading ecosystem for digital health innovation, driving economic impact and improving healthcare costs and quality. In January 2016, Governor Baker announced the establishment of the Digital Health Initiative and designated MeHI as the lead public agency for the initiative.

If you are a Digital Health company or customer, view MeHI’s Marketplace program.


Massachusetts Digital Health Initiative: the Marketplace Program

The Digital Health Marketplace is a unique market access program building strategic connections between entrepreneurs and health care leaders statewide.

We have a particular focus on Aging and Caregiving, and believe the Marketplace Program will encourage and support innovation to solve health care challenges using digital health technology.


If you are a company that offers a digital health product or solution, or a customer seeking digital health solutions to address your aging and caregiving challenges, sign up for the Marketplace.

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Agency @CIC

Launched in 2018, and receiving initial seed funding from MeHI, AGENCY, is a new coworking innovation hub for collective impact where entrepreneurs, enterprises, experts and elders with an interest in aging and longevity can work side-by-side to explore and apply ideas for aging populations around the globe. AGENCY forms a crossroads where innovators in all sectors with aging and longevity as a lens will be able to meet, host events, engage the healthcare community, turn their ideas into commercial successes, and grow their companies.

Learn more about AGENCY here