Healthy Aging Initiative

MeHI’s Healthy Aging Initiative promotes innovation and collaboration between digital health companies and aging and caregiving focused provider organizations to address challenges related to the Commonwealth's growing aging population and those that care for them.

The demographics of the nation are changing, with 1 in 5 residents expected to be 65 or older by 2030. By 2033, the number of adults 65 and over will outnumber those younger than 18 for the first time. In Massachusetts, the U.S. Census estimates that older adults ages 65 and up will make up 21% of the population by 2030 (up from 15% in 2015). This shift will have significant impact on the way people live and work in the Commonwealth.

Through this initiative, MeHI is collaborating with the Executive Office of Elder Affairs and other stakeholders to encourage innovation that supports healthy aging in the place of one’s choosing and to promote digital health technologies that support family caregivers.

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